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Hey Mr Seedhouse, I'd really love to do a series on the full version seeing as it's October and Halloween is coming up, would it be too forward of me to ask for a key?  I know I'm a tiny channel, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

Great game. Downloaded it a while back and only just got around to playing it. Check out my game play guys and would love your support

I Love this game - looking forward to play the full version
Send me a key if you like to see me doing a playthrough <3

i can't download game!

Definitely has potential, looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

This game looks AWESOME :) I'm really glad I was pointed to it! Keep up the great work!

Cant download the Game , feels bad man ,wanna Stream it today !


I cant download your game and i cant install it ok fix your problem or send me the game pls.

I look forward to!

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My name is Just Jeremy and I have a youtube channel where I spend a lot of my time checking out indie titles and indie developers!!

Just Jeremy Channel

OK...where to mental hospitals already freak me out (more the idea of how they functioned in the "olden days" more than now) and you throw in a girl that reminds me of the girl from the ring! to say I was a little freaked, but over all a really great demo!!!

This game was super spooky... amazingly well done! I should add the isntall button would not work for me but I found the direct link lower in the comments, so that is there if anyone else has the same problem.

The game isn't able to install

Hey! This looks like it's gonna be a great game, I'll be watching out for the full release on steam for sure!

Heya, even though this is just a small slice of the game it was still great! The atmosphere is set right from the get-go, it puts you at unease with you being trapped in a small environment with weird noises all around you (noise being something that always gets me). The jumpscares were there but they were never really shoved in my face, it was the atmosphere the game set that had me on edge the entire time. I can't wait to see more! I noticed that the game is to be released on Steam sometime this year so I will definitely be keeping an eye on it.   

Hi team, 

Hope you are well. I am Tim, Business Development Lead for Creators Media.

I am looking to get a few editorial pieces as well as a few video pieces created for Welcome to Hanwell.  We have a huge audience, specifically, within the horror genre. 

Get back to me ,


Some really impressive Jumpscares. Here is my German LP about it. Looking forward to the game.

Any chance for a Linux build or at least an OpenGL one?

We certainly want to test on other platforms. But right now we don't have the resources. Most likely we'll be testing Linux and Mac versions after the initial windows release.

OK, thanks.

Hi i cant download this game fix the problem pls.

I would rate this 11/10 , this game scared me really good ! I can't wait for the full release :D

Welcome to Hanwell is a beautifully creepy game. The artwork of the prison really captures the feeling of everything gone terribly wrong. It has some excellent atmosphere and I can't wait to see more:

With horror games seemingly losing popularity, Hanwell comes along and says "get ready to poo yourself". Needless to say, I really can't wait for this final product, Mr Seedhouse.

For some reason this game will not install on my pc. I click download and nothing happens. Iv tried like 5 times. Hope its fun all :(

Direct link here, it won't work via the app. Try the link, thanks!


My name is Blitz, and I am a YouTube Let's Player. You can find me and my channel here:

I would love to play Welcome to Hanwell on my channel, if that's allowed. If so, would you also allow me to make use of YouTube's Partner program and place ads on said video?



Sure, you're welcome to play the game and monetize the video on your own channel. So long as it's your own footage you recorded. Thanks for the support.

cool game~

the quality is high keep it up maybe i will buy it when it is released on steam

game wont download for me... Why?

I made a little playthrough of your game, can't wait till the full version comes out.

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New teaser!!

Very impressed by what the demo has to show! Creepy atmosphere and environments, I can't wait to see what the outdoor areas will have in store. Want my full impressions? Then check out my video down below! Thanks and peace!

Been trying to download for a few weeks now, even saw markiplier play it, your game looks awesome. I'm gonna get it when it comes out

I can't seem to find a way to download the game. The link further down in the comments said it was removed. I really want to try this teaser, how can I get it?

Good demo, Although I want to see more! Excited for the full game!

hi, and thank you for alowing me to play the demo. my name is tonirawgazer and ill be streaming your game on my youtube channel for my subscribers to watch me play your game. thank you.

P.S i will be posting my video so you can have a look thanks.

This game definitly got me! Can't wait for more!

Markiplier sent me. Your game looks great, and I look forward to the final product. Going to play the Demo in a little bit.

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This game is unbelievably high up there when it comes to potential! I expect a lot from you, my friend!

Hi there! I had the chance to play your game for my youtube channel, Unmedicated & Dysfunctional, and write a first look review on Noob Dungeon! You have a lot of potential here and I am so excited to see how you up the scare in the actual game. The atmosphere is very well done already in the Pre Alpha! It reminds me of Outlast! Well done! Best of luck on your release :) I'll be playing!

Noob Dungeon First Look - Welcome to Hanwell

Unmedicated & Dysfunctional - Welcome to Hanwell: Teaser

It's a pretty good game with really awesome sound. Here is my let's play of it :

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The game looks amazing, but the download link won't work for me.

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