Development Update

Hey Gamers!

Ijust wanted to post an update on the development since this demo went out.

Hanwell is coming along beautifully, the town has grown immensely over the past couple of months. We have an amazingly talented composer attached to the project (James Elsey), who will be providing the soundtrack.

I've added a ton of new features, such as a sanity system and a tainted system (you are tainted when certain enemies get close enough to you) which changes the gameplay in an instant i.e. you are "blinded". More on these soon.

We have a couple of new enemies, each unique with different combat styles.

We'll be putting together an overview video this week so we'll hopefully have something to show by the weekend. Finally, you'll be able to see some of this OPEN WORLD, we've been going on about!

Thank you all for the incredible support!


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I played the previous version of welcome to hanwell and i have to say im super stoked for this game!  Also is this a new updated version on where we can explore and such?

Hey, thanks for the interest, the final game will be available on Steam later this year.

I would love to play this game for my youtube channel. But the link provided for download is .rar file is there another link I can use to download! Thanks!